Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Did you spend your morning on social media marketing?  What about that blog you haven’t updated in three weeks?  Is your desk piled with new listings ready to be added to the MLS, a contract that needs to be sent and messages from clients?  Your to-do list is getting checked off, but new things are added every week, and there just aren’t enough hours in your day.

If you’ve found yourself wishing for more time to work, or maybe you feel more like your own assistant and less like a real estate pro, you’ve likely thought about hiring someone who can handle administrative tasks.  Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the perfect solution, but don’t go into the process blind!

Planning is essential when you’re considering hiring a VA!  For one week, daily, keep a running list of everything you do, and the time it takes. Go over the list carefully and note where you need or would like help.  From that, create a job description, so you’ll be able to let potential assistants know your requirements when you call for a consultation. 

As with any new venture, be sure to have a realistic budget.  It may be a little scary when you realize that you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket for help, but the benefits you’ll get from being relieved of certain tasks are worth gold!   Also keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  Take care when you come across a website that charges a low hourly rate.  Hiring cheap help can create more work for you.

You want a VA with experience and knowledge of the real estate business.  One of the reasons you want to hire virtual help is, so you don’t have to spend your time training someone to your systems and software.  Virtual Real Estate Support is ready to help with almost every service that a real estate agent may require.

Get your to do list ready and send us an email or call 757-282-6496 so we can discuss your needs and get to work for you! 

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Anne Shoemaker

I am Anne Shoemaker, owner and founder of Virtual Real Estate Support. After a successful career as a realtor, I moved into the virtual real estate assistant business in 2002. I have a strong passion for real estate allowing me to understand the time and details that go into the everyday life of a realtor. My knowledge of internet technology and real estate marketing has allowed me to ease into being a virtual real estate assistant. he Real Estate Industry is ever-changing. One thing holds true having an assistant who is connected to your needs is essential to leveraging productivity. Diverse in numerous real estate platforms we are flexible to your needs. As your Real Estate Virtual Assistant we become your resource for implementing technology to streamline your processes and expand your online presence to build your business. We allow you to spend less time “at your desk” doing routine administrative tasks and other tedious but important mandatory tasks required to maintain and increase your business. You can increase your time “out in the field” meeting with clients, showing houses, negotiating and most importantly spend time with your family.