An Interview with Our Owner and Founder

Anne Shoemaker started Virtual Real Estate Support in 2001 after a successful career in real estate. Her experience prior to starting Virtual Real Estate Support proves to be a winning advantage that offers a combination of knowledge, education, and experience. Her philosophy is simple – she understands and cares about the people who ask for her services. Get to know Anne a little bit more and listen to what she anticipates for the real estate industry in the future!

Q1: What made you want to start your own virtual assistant company in 2001?

With a background in computers and a passion for real estate, being a real estate virtual assistant was a perfect fit for me! I was selling Real Estate in a market where Real Estate marketing and management was evolving on the Web, this intrigued me! In early 2000 contracts were handwritten, faxed or preferably delivered. I loved that I could still view and market homes as well as communicate with buyers, sellers, and realtors without sitting in traffic! I started with my Broker and evolved from there! She was connected to brokers all over the country that quickly turned to us for marketing and CRM help. Technology was entering a 3rd revolution and becoming an essential part of doing business (4th revolution was smart phones, laptops, etc.). We even to this day still help our clients in navigating the ever changing internet!

Q2: Has the way you approached being a virtual assistant changed since 2020?

Nothing really changed for us. Our experienced team of dynamic writers, professional listing coordinators, CRM experts, and graphic designers eased into the uncertainty of the Real Estate industry! During 2020 we did make ourselves additionally available and aware of our client’s needs! We jumped in when assistants or Realtor’s couldn’t! We shared ideas and created marketing material designed to ensure the public you can still buy and sell Real Estate from the comfort of home. Our services have remained the same for nearly 20 years!

Q3: How did you decide to only work with one agent per region?

If everyone’s house was the same color, neighborhoods would be boring! We wanted Realtors to have the unique feeling of us being in their office and their market while supplying quality services remotely! Our one Realtor or Office policy combined with experience sets us apart from the numerous VA businesses that have launched over the years!

Q4: In your experience, what helps agents the most stand out from the rest?

Realtors that keep the verbal lines of communication and live interaction open will find themselves at the top of quality clients minds. Realtors that find a niche and brand themselves accordingly will also find success! Community involvement is also a key factor in any business.

Niche examples include condominiums, 55+, waterfront, land etc.! Get your designations!

Q5: What advice can you give as agents begin strategic planning for the year 2022?


  • Explore a designation and obtain it!
  • Community involvement- whether it is an ice cream in the park, pie/pizza giveaway, habitat for humanity or organizing an area cleanup, show your appreciation and love for your community
  • Communicate not just via email, text, messenger or social media but in person.
  • Plan a client appreciation event and hold it annually.
  • Send out those cards.
  • Drop off those goodies’ door to door.
  • Plan an informational session for local sellers, buyers, 1st time buyers and/or seniors hold it at a local coffee shop pastry shop.

To learn more about Anne and the rest of the Virtual Real Estate Support team, click here! To see if a virtual assistant is right for you, contact us here.

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