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Any advice you receive these days about marketing seems to focus on social media.  Printed media, however, doesn’t need to be overlooked as a way to share your brand with the public. If you’re not sure where to start, or how to start, here are some ideas and answers so you can
get started!

First, if you’re creating your own graphic images for your marketing, you know it’s time-consuming. Do you really have the time and know-how to be taking care of that task? Are your fonts, colors and general style consistent for each new image, creating a recognizable brand for yourself? Answering “No,” to either of those questions is common–number one, you’re a real estate agent, not a graphics designer; number two, while it’s fun to make a new graphic with a different color scheme and a fancy new font, you need the public to know exactly whose information they’re seeing before they even begin to read your post.

Your marketing strategy needs to include printed media! Yes, even in today’s digital culture, print is important, as it gives people something to hold, stick on their refrigerator, or even file for “just in case.” We need to take into consideration that not everyone connects to the internet regularly, and with the different algorithms on different platforms, there’s no guarantee the right people will see your information.  Using a personal touch like postcards and flyers will stand out in the junk mail and bill envelopes.

The next question as to how will you get this printed media to everyone in your area without having all their addresses? The USPS has the answer:  Every Door Direct Mail® or EDDM®!  There are many homeowners or potential buyers that haven’t even contacted a REALTOR® yet, and when your postcard appears in their mailbox, you have a head start on being placed on their list of who to get in touch with!

How can Virtual Real Estate Support help you with a printed media promotion? We can create a dynamic, eye-catching graphic using your brand materials, which will give you the time you need to focus on prepping for the busy season. Another benefit to VRES handling any of your brand marketing is that we will only work with one REALTOR® within a market, so you know we’ll create a piece that will stand out!
Just remember that to be the most effective, any print marketing should be used in conjunction with email and social media promotions, and we can handle that for you, too! Send VRES an email today, or call us at
(757) 282-6496, so we can discuss your marketing needs, and get you–and your brand–noticed!

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